Behringer teases features of the RD-9 in a new video

Behringer teases features of the RD-9 in a new video

The highly anticipated Behringer RD-9 is on its way, bringing back Roland’s iconic TR-909 at an affordable price.

Whilst Behringer’s RD-9 has been in the works for a while, it seems like it might not be much longer until we can get our hands on their take on the iconic Roland TR-909 drum machine. With the RD-9, Behringer is looking to bring the genre-defining iconic 909 sound to consumers, for a fraction of the price.

In a video released by Behringer earlier today, they re-introduced their take on the piece of classic hardware, showing off new features never available on the original 909. These can be found in RD-9’s new ‘enhanced mode’, which provides new additional onboard effects, and controls to tune the high hats, and change the pitch and pitch depth of the bass drum.

Behringer RD-9

Through artists like Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, 808 State, Aphex Twin, and Mr. Fingers, the 909 was instrumental in developing the still-relevant house music sound of the late ’80s and early ’90s, and for years, owning a similar piece of hardware has been a pipe dream for some.

Whilst Roland released their boutique TR-09 drum machine in 2016, owning a pocket-sized replica of the original hardware, wasn’t satisfying enough for many. With original TR-909’s selling for over $6,000 AUD on online marketplaces, many are looking forward to Behringer offering a very approachable version of this iconic piece of kit.

Price and launch dates have not yet been released, in classic Behringer fashion, however, a 2021 launch is looking more and more likely.

You can await its release and check out Behringer’s other products here.