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The Roland CR-78 is reborn as the Compu78 plugin

Bringing the ancient sounds of the Roland CR-78 into the DAW environment: The Compu78 by Forgotten Keys recreates the influential rhythm machine.

Before Roland released the TR-808 and changed the game forever, the CR-78 was one of the go-to boxes in the primordial era of rhythm machines. Now, developer Forgotten Keys has released the Compu78: a Kontakt instrument that pays tribute to the legendary unit.

The CR-78 marks an interesting phase in the development of drum machines. Up until the release of this seminal device, grooveboxes were pretty rudimentary. Adding the ability to program, add accents and build songs was a gamechanger, leading to further advances like the TR-808 and more. The Compu78 celebrates this pivotal moment in groove history.


The CR-78 is definitely more obscure than its lauded descendants, but not without its charms. Instead of being a drum machine that can be programmed by a user, beat by beat, it relies on 34 built-in patterns that span rock, shuffle, swing and foxtrot among others.

The Compu78 reflects its inspiration in all its eccentric glory, with its kick, snare, hats and assortment of latin tonal flavours as well as being able to control accents, tempo and volume fades.

Check out Forgotten Keys for more info.