Sexy Games: The Best Video Games that Excite, Thrill and Exhilarate

Sexy games are anything which can be played, involving one or more people and has the potential to get that vibe going. We explore the best examples of sexygames in the digital realm.

If you’re partner is in the other room, and you’re frantically searching online for a sexy game to play with them, then I recommend closing this tab and following your instincts. Be kind, be respectful, and of course, keep yourself open to communication. If, however, your looking for a sexy interactive adventure, then we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’ve grown a little bored with the repetition of absent-mindedly scrolling through Netflix for sexy content. Perhaps the allure of blasting fools to smithereens in the latest Call of Duty isn’t going to cut it tonight. No matter the reason, I think we can agree that the time is now for a little sexy game.

the witcher 3 sex
Image: The Witcher 3 / CD Projekt Red

This list collects together the best sexy video games, and sorts them into different categories for what you’re in the mood for.

When it comes to what makes different games sexy, no two individuals are exactly the same when it comes to sexual and romantic preferences, so it makes sense that what we want in sexy online games is different.

Keep in mind though that this isn’t a list of pornographic video games. If that’s your jam then, while we aren’t in the business of kink shaming, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the best sexiest games on the market.

hades meg sexy
Image: Hades / Supergiant Games

A world of high fantasy (The Witcher 3, Dragon Age)

If you’re looking for a sexy game that combines romance, sexual tension, and a high fantasy setting we’ve got two sexygames series that should satisfy.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have a plethora of romantic scenarios (have you seen that bathtub scene?), good-looking characters, and flirtatious dialogue options.

The games do a good job balancing narrative and sexually charged encounters; meaning these are sexy games that are good games, first and foremost.

Choosing which characters to pursue have in game consequences, heightening the tension within each sexy clip.

We specifically haven’t included the first Witcher game in our list, because while it did some things right it also got a lot wrong. Essentially, it had an icky card collecting system that reduced sexual encounters into trophies. Which just isn’t sexy.

The Dragon Age franchise accomplishes a similar feat, turning its fantasy setting into a perfect playground where everything is on the table.

There are characters of all sorts to impress and romance, from uptight warrior women to sexually adventurous clerics. A sexy game, indeed.

Sexy game in space (Mass Effect)

The original Mass Effect trilogy is just fantastic; great characters, interesting narrative beats, evocative music, and fantastically figure-hugging space suits.

Hell, the developers even decided to alter some in game camera angles for the recent remaster because fans were getting too horny. So if you love booty try and source the original version of these sexual games.

Regardless of the beautiful and plentiful butts, the Mass Effect trilogy opens the door to everything from interspecies romance to forbidden workplace drama.

The only problem is you can’t pursue everyone in a single playthrough; meaning this sexy game will have you coming back again, and again, and again.

mass effect sexy
Image: Mass Effect 3 / Bioware

Mythical sex appeal of epic proportions (Hades)

Hades tells a surprisingly satisfying and emotionally resonant story, probably owing a great deal to its source material (ancient Greek mythology).

And just like those ageless tales of gods and heroes, there is more flirting, dating and romance than you’d expect.

Taking on the role of Zagreus, you can choose to romantically interact with many of the characters located in the Underworld.

Careful though, if you make the wrong choice you might end up in the decidedly unsexy (but still very cute) platonic friendzone, and not a sexy game.

So you like it big…and scary? (Resident Evil Village)

To be clear, Resident Evil Village as a whole isn’t a particularly sexy game. However, there’s one section of the acclaimed horror title that managed to whip the internet into a sexual frenzy of rare ferocity.

This dastardly castle, full of blood and wine, is the humble abode of the now infamous Lady Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu is a giant vampire woman with enough sass to steal hearts, and enough ass to win over any of the other sexy game characters out there.

Just be warned, there’s more than sexy vibes lurking in the world of Resident Evil Village.

resident evil sexy game
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

The dating dungeon (Boyfriend Dungeon)

What do you call a video game that combines the adventure of dungeon crawling with the flirty excitement of a dating simulator?

A sexy game, that’s what. Boyfriend Dungeon caused a bit of a stir in the indie video game world in 2021, primarily for it’s hilarious title, but also for the triggering behaviour of its villain.

This shouldn’t distract from the fact that many gamers fell head-over-heels for the game’s whacky central theme (you date your weapons, which conveniently can transform into a human form).

This is the kind of sexy game for gamers that are fond of absurdity and a good old-fashioned laugh fest. Trigger warning: creepy stalkers.

We hope this list of sexy games has been, well, helpful. We’ll be sure to update it with any new relevant titles – so make sure to check back in at later date. Our next update will include the best sexy switch games as well as the best sexy games downloads. Stay tuned!