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Uli Behringer announces 2019 release of the RD-909 Roland clone

Behringer CEO, Uli Behringer has announced that the highly anticipated RD-909 Rhythm Designer will drop early next year.

The new unit aims to emulate Roland’s classic TR-909 Rhythm Composer which was originally released in 1983.rd-808

Behringer’s copy of the Roland TR-909 – the RD-909, is geared to drop early next year, packed with new features not included in the original.

The new synth is the latest in Behringer’s pursuit to reverse engineer and clone classic instruments, such as their version of the Roland TR-808 released earlier this year. Behringer has said that their target price for the unit is $299, which is pretty good, considering an original unit will cost you around $3,701 more.

The RD-909 will come with features not included in the original drum machine, such as drive and pitch controls for the kick, pitch control for the hi-hats, parameter locking on the 64-step sequencer as well as an analogue filter and wave designer.

“We have now entered TMS or Tool Made Sample stage which is one stage before pre-production.

We have now built 10 units for final testing to ensure everything is perfect.

What you cannot see on the current artwork is that we have added even more functionality. One of our engineers came up with a brilliant idea to allow the sequencer also modulate the Analog Filter and Wave Designer.

We still need to ask for your patience as it will still take several more months to ship the product. The guys here are very excited and work hard to speed up as much as possible!

We’re still targeting US$ 299 retail (depending on import tariffs),” stated Behringer.