PREMIERE: Teen Angst bring back all your adolescent nostalgia with 90’s TV

Emerging from the Perth scene of WA, Teen Angst are blowing up with their epic ‘antisocial pop’ sentiments. Covering all your adolescent feels from unrequited love to kicking it at home on weekends to watch 90’s TV shows, Teen Angst are bringing it all back.

The lo-fi laden likes of the angsty 4-piece have been massively influenced by Best Coast, Remember Sports as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Carrying on the iconic cult classic themes we all know and love, their brand new clip for 90’s TV will fill you with full-blown millennial nostalgia.

Image: Grace Huck

Teen Angst have just dropped their fuzzed out, nostalgic new clip for 90’s Tv, bringing all of your favourite adolescent classics together in one chilled out, sad girl pop masterpiece.

The new clip from Teen Angst was inspired by the relatable feels that come with not quite knowing what to do in the scary, formative period of being a young adult. Dealing with the struggles of love, employment, uni and just personal stagnancy in general.

“The video clip was influenced by The Simpsons Halloween episode where Bart and Lisa get zapped into an episode of Itchy and Scratchy.”

“90’s TV was written back when I had just finished my degree, I was awaiting employment and my partner was away for six months – so after struggling to find something to do, I naturally turned to watching 90’s TV shows and wrote this song about that.”

Check out Teen Angsts the brand new video for 90’s TV below!

Teen Angst have supported killer Aussie bands including the likes of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Kingswood, Jess Locke and Horror My Friend, and have been absolutely tearing up the West Coast gig scene for all of 2018. It’s safe to say these guys are one to watch.

Make sure you catch them at one of their 2018 gigs, it’s going to be epic!

Teen Angst 2018 Shows

November 30, The Newport Hotel – with Bleeding Knees Club

December 1, Amplifier Capitol – with Bleeding Knees Club

December 2, The Prince Of Wales Hotel – with Bleeding Knees Club

December 8, Rosemount Hotel – with The Grates