If you we’re in high school in the 90’s like Localles, these 8 nostalgic tracks are sure to dig up some memories you may have forgotten

In 2014, members of The Vasco Era, The Exploders, Rat & Co and Second Hand Heart joined forces to create Localles, bringing together their collective intepretation of high energy garage rock.

Days after the launch of their newest single JFK, bassist Paul Doery has curated a set of eight tracks to put you in the mood. If you’re a 90’s kid like he is, prepare for a red hot blast from the past. Take it from here, Doery.

nostalgic songs

Dust off your rose-tinted glasses for these picks: 8 nostalgic tracks from undeniably amazing era of raw rock n’ roll that was the 90’s.

My hometown is Streatham, which is a tiny and boring town. The music I associate with there is church music (went there pretty much every Sunday ’til I was about 16) and playing the recorder and singing Christmas Carols at primary school, neither of which I think anyone wants to hear about.

I’m gonna associate it with my teenage years, which were spent misbehaving around the Lake Bolac area and also going to high school there (about 25km from my hometown). As I’m an old prick, it’s highly concentrated in the 90s.

Pearl JamAlive

Whenever we had a lake party or a party at somebody’s farm or house, Pearl Jam was on high rotation (usually the album Ten). I haven’t listened to that album in about 15 or so years, but whenever I hear Alive, I think of circling up with whoever was nearest by and belting out this one at the top of my lungs.

Smashing Pumpkins1979

This song still is, and I imagine will always be, on high rotation for me. The film clip and the general vibe of the song always felt nostalgic to me, even when I first listened to it…. if that makes sense? I will never get tired of this song and the nostalgia it makes me feel.

Violent FemmesAdd It Up

I found the cassette in one of my sisters’ collection and promptly stole it to play on the school bus. The bus driver wasn’t real happy about it, but it got me a lot of laughs and high fives (number one currency in high school).

When I saw them at Golden Plains this year, I surprised my mates I was watching with by still remembering every single word even though I have no idea when I last listened to the song.

The LemonheadsThe Outdoor Type

Always the first song I go to play when someone passes me a guitar at a party or gathering. Great song lyrically and musically that always makes me feel good about the world. During my teenage years I didn’t even realise this was a Smudge song… I don’t actually think I knew Smudge existed – I wasn’t that cool.

NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit

Anyone who was a teenager at some point of the 90s surely feels nostalgic when they hear this song? Nevermind was another album that was on high rotation at parties.

CustardMusic Is Crap

I literally just heard this song on Double J and was immediately transformed back to my TV screen at home back in the late 90s! Occasionally commercial TV came through with the goods back in the day and this video is one of these perfect moments of TV history.

For those too young to know what they are watching, you are watching the host of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Daryl Somers, performing with Brisbane band, Custard. Hey Hey It’s Saturday was a variety TV show that ran from some time in the 70s until the end of the 90s.

As well as musical performances, it also contained a competition segment with Plucka Duck, who you may recognise as the giant duck that is skateboarding in that KFC TV ad for some unknown reason.

Jebediah Harpoon

Harpoon. I’m a shit bloke for not mentioning any Aussie music (except a cover of Smudge), so I’ll try make up for that now. Before internet speeds could handle music/video streaming, we had to listen to radio and television as it was being broadcast, rather than at the touch of a button when we felt like it (outrageous, I know).

Triple J was the only non-commercial radio station we could pick up out in the sticks and Recovery on the ABC was about the only TV show that showed ‘alternative’ music (other than RAGE). For me, nothing evokes the nostalgia of being a emotionally confused and/or possibly heartbroken teenager more than Harpoon by Jebediah.

Silverchair Tomorrow

Frogstomp was the soundtrack to my Year 8 Graphics class and this song is the one that stuck out the most in my memory. That’s probably because I, like everyone who could remotely play a guitar back in 1995, also tried to learn how to play it.