Rat & Co

Here’s a little story for you on this Thursday morning and a band called Rat & Co.

Once, there was a boy called Joshua. He lived in Melbourne, and like most of you reading this, he knew what it felt like to be pulled towards the Northern Hemisphere. You know, that all encompassing allure of the overseas. The mystery and extreme excitement of knowing you could be living your life in an place entirely different to what you know. Yeah, thats what Joshua was feeling. Because he was always more of a “do-er” than a talker, he got his ass over to America with his close friend Kaia by his side. Together, they journeyed through the sun-beaten terrains of the USA, stopping at various, line-up-blessed, music festivals.

rat & co bandRat & Co are four dudes who came together under chilled circumstances with one aim – to write the ambient sounds that the LA music scene had inspired in them.

It was at this time that Josh began to properly feel the weight of his previously-repressed desire to create music of his own. Upon returning to Melbourne, he and Kaia shot the shit together, sharing their music ideas and unfinished works. They’d jam all day long out of Josh’s thin-walled, falling apart, dusty and overcrowded sharehouse in Fitzroy or Carlton or Bruswick. In fact, the walls were so thin that the boy next door (who just so happened to be skilled in the drumming department), lets call him Nick, decided to jump on board. Another guy, whose name was John, played guitar for a band called Second Hand Heart. He lived down the hall. After hearing the sounds of ambient wonder that were ripping their way through the corridors of this ramshackle old building, he too could not resist. Thus, Rat & Co, without realising, had become a band.

Inspired by the underground electronic scene of LA, they worked tirelessly to bring to life their musical vision. And boy, I bet you’re glad they did, cos now you get to listen to some sick new Australian music. Just sit back and press play okay? I’m not asking for much else here, guys.