I OH YOU’s latest baby, DMA’s released their EP Friday night to an open armed, hyper energetic, VB stimulated audience at Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown. The night could only be described as successful, with an audience sporting a healthy dose of bucket hats, that hit the venue’s capacity all prior to 9.30 pm. The crowd was amped and the place was packed when the guys hit the stage just after 10.

It has been a while, if ever, that I have seen an EP launch with so many lyric screaming fans, let alone crowd surfing, and it is a massive credit to the guys being able to fill a room with limited hype from the press. Due to a fair amount of beer at launch myself, which led to illegible notes derived from puns made by my housemates, I decided it was best that I revisited the EP to give a more credible breakdown of the music.


Everyone’s talking about I OH YOU’s latest signing DMA’s. Quite rightfully, these dudes have been kicking around Sydney for ages – they’re all mega talented.

The band has been compared to a contemporary reincarnation of Oasis, and this is a pretty fair assessment based on the launch single Delete. Lead vocalist Tommy echoes an irrefutably catchy chorus against sparing acoustic guitar, which builds and builds until arriving at a fat breakdown. I challenge you not to sing along. In fairness, each of the 3 guys front the band, all equally as talented and equally as important to the composition of sound. The second single from the 5 track EP, Feels Like 37, heightens this with added vocal backing and more instrumental depth. This songs pulls away from the Oasis comparison and leads into the ambience of the remaining 3 songs, where the band define their own style.

On the whole, it’s easy to see why these guys were picked up by I OH YOU based on a bunch of recordings done out of a Newtown bedroom, prior to any official release or show. The sound is really polished and consistent across all 5 tracks, and if DMA’s continue doing what they are doing, the guys have all the makings for a righteous future.

Since the gig I have had, and will continue to have the Delete melody on constant loop in my head. If you are in Melbourne or Brisbane, check DMA’s out during their EP tour in May (more info here). If you missed the Friday gig in Sydney or are just hungry for more, they’re playing at Goodgod in May. Based on Friday nights crowd, I’d buy tickets in advance.

Oh, also. DMA’s will be playing later this month at the legendary BAD FRIDAY, which will take place at Vic On The Park after it’s original host, The Annandale, shut it’s doors earlier this year. Other great local acts include Cabins, The Hollow Bones, Callithump, Bachelor Pad and Green Buzzard. FREE.



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