Piece War

In a chair cluttered, Auckland city courtyard surrounded by tall apartment buildings are amps, guitars and gurl duo Piece War. Chugging and hitting their instruments, these punks are making some pretty tight music. Their fresh 8-track debut album Apathy, with it’s dubbed female melodies sort of reminds me of Tegan and Sara in the early days, where they couldn’t afford expensive music equipment but still managed to make awesome music in their garage.

piece war auckland

Auckland duo Piece War are inspired by the darker side of life. Their track We Are At War (and it’s accompanying clip) demonstrates this perfectly.

Piece War has a lo-fi rock core, with dashes of added punk and grunge. Their writing is fueled by the darker elements of life, the angsty moments whose narratives are told with sing-talk and shouting vocals. The crash and ride of the percussion fill the lines of songs, and the contemplative, mono-melodic vocals fused with distorted, wobbly guitars will leave you hooked. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys as their profile builds and access to better recording facilities becomes available.

Check out their video to We Are At War above, made by Ducklingmonster Futurian.