LmDrum: Behringer’s revival of an absolute classic

For those after the crack of an ’80s pop snare, or a driving digital heartbeat for their new track, it’s hard to look past the LmDrum.

For fans of the iconic LinnDrum, a modern rebirth has been a long time coming. The very idea of a new release was teased a couple of years back, and now the first look at the infamous drum machine is finally here, under the new title of LmDrum.

The original LinnDrum was released back in 1982, as a more affordable option for those wanting the classic LM-1. Both were used extensively throughout the 80s, with artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince owing a portion of their signature sound to these instruments.

Behringer LmDrum
Photo: Behringer

The LmDrum is the next stage in the drum machine life-cycle, marrying the best from the old LinnDrum with additional modern features and comforts. These include a display, wave designer and analog filter. Furthermore, it seems that users will be able to import their own samples and edit them.

While the device pictured is a prototype, it’s unlikely much will change in terms of layout and visuals, as Behringer has confirmed that the interface development stage has been finalised. That being said, with no release date or details on production yet available, users will have to wait a little while longer before getting their hands on a new LmDrum. However if Behringer’s detailed review below holds true, it’s sure to be worth the wait.“Man, this thing grooves.”