D.Matthews glows on the instantly charismatic ‘Sunrise’ music video

D.Matthews’ Afrobeat/Afropop hit Sunrise is uplifting with its easygoing charm, and now it’s got a cruisy music video to match.

Auckland-based, Nigerian singer/songwriter D.Matthews writes, raps, and dances to the beat of his own drum.

It’s this effortless confidence that features front and centre on the new music video for Sunrise; a groove with enough pulse to put D.Matthews on the map.

D. Matthews

If you haven’t stumbled upon the fresh energy of D.Matthews, now’s a better time than ever to jump in. The multi-talented writer/rapper/singer dropped his first track Outrageous Grind alongside fellow rapper Emmanz1 in 2018 and escalated rapidly. The lively artist subsequently scored a support slot for heavyweight hip-hop artist Savage, as well as a feature on Billboard, then proceeded to grace the stage at New Zealand’s fashion week in 2019.

With major opportunities coming Matthew’s way at every turn, it would be fair to ask how it happened so quickly. The truth is, D.Matthews knew he was destined to entertain from a young age. Developing his vocal and performance talents during church, the artist was more than ready to begin his journey as an artist at 20.


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Fast forward to today, a global virus at large, and a track that finds the positive: Sunrise. Inspired by Afrobeat pioneers such as Fela Kuti and Burna BoySunrise exemplifies D.Matthews’s natural ear for rhythmic melody. Matthew’s flow switches around seamlessly over some tight snares, brass, and electric guitar on cruise control. He also quips autotuned-harmonies as embellishments, to maintain interest. Oh, and did I mention the wonderfully surprising sax solo? However, the hook (and my personal highlight of Sunrise) is so catchy; listeners may gloss over the verses’ stimulating lyricism. Still, they shouldn’t, because they tell a unique story of hope.

Sunrise addresses Aotearoa (New Zealand)’s good fortune concerning the devastating global COVID-19 pandemic through its African-wired beat. While countries like America are in “commotion”, D.Matthews comments that he’s never seen a country [NZ] shine with this much glory”.

Throughout the music video, Matthew’s shows his gratitude and thankfulness for living in the 2nd safest country globally by dancing on top of a hill, in front of a gorgeous sunrise. The result is a cinematic viewing experience that is as fun as it is peaceful. Sporting an array of vibrant outfits and effortless dance moves, D.Matthew’s has created a feel-good anthem out of today’s tumultuous times.

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