Exploring the Musical World of Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac Track by track

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac invite us into their creative world.

With their recent release, “Don’t Go Away,” Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac has set the stage for a musical experience that transcends boundaries. Their collaboration reimagines the possibilities of R&B, infusing it with elements of pop, Latin rhythms, and beyond. It’s a sonic playground where genres meld, creating an intoxicating blend that captivates the senses.

Both Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac bring impressive credentials to the table. Deltron Blac, an industry veteran based in LA, has written for major artists like Dr. Dre, as well as collaborating with pop and Latin acts. He recently made waves on the viral song “West Coast Melody,” featuring The Game and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Beyond his songwriting prowess, Deltron Blac explores his creative vision by directing music videos. Burnt ships

Burnt Ships, consisting of Samoan singer-songwriter Gary King and Billboard-charting producer Nonseq, made their mark with their debut single “Robbery.” The track received attention from influential blogs and garnered airplay on KUNM and CJMQ. Despite their involvement in various high-profile projects, Burnt Ships decided to launch their own venture.

Now, with a string of exciting releases lined up for this year, Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac are ready to make their mark in the music scene. Their unique sound and captivating energy have already caught the attention of Spotify playlists like New Music Friday Philippines and Pop Rising, as well as Best of H&M Philippines.

Gary King burnt ships

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an immersive journey as Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac share the stories and inspirations behind each track. It’s time to explore the creative process and uncover the magic behind their collaborative genius. Let’s dive in and discover the world of Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac, one track at a time.

Island Girls-Trynket feat. Burnt Ships

The song that started it all as our first recorded appearance ended up on multiple Spotify Editorial playlists. Trynket had the idea of a storyline where a guy fell in love with her while exploring the Philippines, but we made the hook a shoutout to all island girls. 

In the session Non joked about girls from Rhode Island would even sing along, then when the song came out girls from Rhode Island actually DM’d Trynket excited about the song! Plus with Gary being from Samoa, it was a perfect fit. 

It also taught us the value of happy accidents because Non made the beat to kill time right before the session when Trynket had a 30 min delay happen; also Gary recorded a verse to it by accident and part of it ended up being rearranged for the postchorus.

Neverland- Trynket feat Burnt Ships

Another Spotify playlist favorite and our favorite song we’ve done with Trynket.  Sometimes, especially early on in a relationship you have this dreamy vision of adventures and taking on the world together so we really wanted to paint that picture about having that dream and watching it ultimately become reality.

Trynket was deciding between a couple options who would be on the 2nd verse but ultimately the way Gary harmonized with her and sang with such feeling was the deciding factor, and that’s how we ended up with 2 features on the Tea With Trynket project instead of 1.

BitchesBeCrazy feat Mickey Shiloh and JenMarie

Originally we made this as a Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B pitch. Non had the beat, then Gary came up with the chorus and piano intro and outro and Non loved it because usually Gary writes from a more wholesome place while Non has the more edgy approach.

It was shopped for a while but then Non went to a writing camp in LA where legendary singer/songwriter Michaela(formerly Mickey Shiloh) came up with the verse and pre melodies as well as making it a point/counterpoint concept. JenMarie came  up  with some lyrics and the rest is history.

We were hyped about the features because as Mickey Shiloh, Michaela had a viral single “Drunk On the Mic” as well as songwriting for Pitbull, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and other A List artists.  For our first song as a group that was pretty big for us. Non has since worked with her producing other solo releases and her group SHFT.


Our first single has its origins in Medellin Colombia. Not only did Non make the beat there, but the first verse lyrics were actually inspired by a model he dated while visiting the city periodically and their marathon 1st date.

It started as an idea for this artist named Mami Mia but once Gary laid the initial melody down, we both said “this is a Burnt Ships single”. 

When we released it as a new group we weren’t sure how it would be received but multiple DJ’s cosigned the song and it got radio play so we knew we were onto something.

Don’t Go Away feat. Deltron Blac

Deltron Blac is a versatile rapper that’s worked with big names like Dr. Dre, the Game and Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Non has known him for over a decade and one of things they talked about early on was how Non travels the world and all interactions/mini-relationships that can come with that.

So when Non came to the studio with the beat and hook idea, Blac said “I’m gonna try to reference your story”.

People’s reaction when we played the rough demo let us know we had something and so far it’s been our biggest song in terms of radio, press coverage and YouTube views.

Gimme Dat feat Deltron Blac

Burnt Ships has been working on Latin music since 2018 behind the scenes for a while but we’ve been getting so many requests for our pop and R&B writing and production that the Latin got neglected.

One day before the studio session with Blac, Non decided to make a Latin tinged uptempo beat for fun and the engineer loved it! So he played it for Blac and said “what if we do a Pitbull kinda vibe?” Blac said he was down and had actually been looking for more uptempo beats to write to so they created the song on the spot. 

It’s the perfect song for a summer party and also a great segue into our first Spanglish single “Mamacita” dropping later this summer.