Dynamic duo Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac set the urban music scene ablaze with ‘Don’t Go Away’

With cool restraint, and undeniable style, ‘Don’t Go Away’ cements the collaboration as one to be remembered.

Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac have teamed up to deliver a fresh collaboration that will undoubtedly get heads nodding and bodies moving. Playfully moving between the perspective of travelling performers and their brief wayside lovers.  

The production on “Don’t Go Away” is minimal yet effective, its’ warm sound choices of claps, bells, and textural percussion combines to create a dance track that remains grounded in a candid reality.

Deltron Blac

This stripped-down approach allows Deltron’s flow and wit to take centre stage, as his lyricism shines without being overshadowed by flashy synths and gaudy production chops. The result is a track that highlights his undeniable talent as a wordsmith.

One of the standout elements of “Don’t Go Away” is the minimal vocal hook. It’s the type of infectious melody that you can easily imagine a crowd singing and dancing along to in perfect harmony.

This captivating quality showcases the group’s ability to craft feel-good music that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Both Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac have proven themselves to be artists who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the music scene. Their collaboration on “Don’t Go Away” is yet another testament to their ability to release catchy and charismatic tracks filled with cleverness.

With the track already making waves on blogs and receiving airplay on renowned radio stations like WCRX, Catalunya, and NLife, it’s clear that the industry is taking notice.

Deltron Blac Burnt Ships album cover

Deltron Blac, an industry veteran with a multi-genre background, brings his vast experience as a writer for major artists such as Dr. Dre and various pop and Latin acts to the table.

Meanwhile, Burnt Ships, the up-and-coming duo consisting of Samoan singer-songwriter Gary King and Billboard-charting producer Nonseq, continue to showcase their exceptional talent in crafting compelling and infectious music.

The combination of King’s dynamic vocals and Nonseq’s masterful production skills, coupled with Deltron Blac’s lyrical prowess, creates a synergy that is hard to ignore.

Their collective efforts have resulted in a track that seamlessly blends elements of pop, hip-hop, and dance, offering a fresh and enjoyable listening experience.


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“Don’t Go Away” is a standout release that showcases the undeniable talent and chemistry between Burnt Ships and Deltron Blac.

With its infectious melody, heartfelt lyrics, and skillful production, this track is destined to become a fan favourite. Keep an eye on these artists as they continue to captivate audiences with their cool and distinct musical style.

Check out the new release, and keep an eye out for the new album.