Big Skeez takes us home with soul-stirring afro swing: ‘Go Back Home’

Big Skeez unveils his heartfelt new track ‘Go Back Home,’ a fusion of African roots and mesmerizing Afro Swing.

Eora-based maestro, Big Skeez, is back and ready to set the airwaves ablaze with his soul-stirring new track, ‘Go Back Home,’ now unleashed via the stellar NLV Records.

Big Skeez delves deep into the labyrinth of his life story, laying bare his upbringing and current reality. He ingeniously weaves a personal tapestry that speaks volumes about his unyielding determination to return to the embrace of his African homeland.

With poignant lyricism Big Skeez addresses the yearning for his South Sudanese roots: “I lost touch with my people so I’m feeling off / I think I’m just giving up saying it’s my fault.” The raw emotions flow like a river, drawing us irresistibly into his world.

Big Skeez proves to be a true musical alchemist by fusing the opulence of amapiano with the grittiness of raw basslines, resulting in an utterly captivating sound that resonates with his very essence. It’s as if his art comes to life, becoming as human as the artist himself.

With ‘Go Back Home,’ he is embarking on an expedition deep into the inner sanctum of his mind, exploring the concepts of freedom and the passage of time. This tantalizing teaser is just a taste of the musical feast he has in store for us.

So, friends, strap yourselves in for an unforgettable ride with Big Skeez as he explores his roots, his soul, and his unwavering love for the motherland in ‘Go Back Home.’ The journey has just begun, and this Eora-based artist and producer are sure to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving Australian music scene.