‘Would You Rather’ with weirdtechnogirlfriend and PAUL LE BÁY

3am Warehouse Rave or Sunset Beach Party? Step into the wild world of weirdtechnogirlfriend and PAUL LE BÁY as they play a game of ‘Would You Rather.’

A few weeks ago our musical senses were thoroughly confused and delightfully challenged with the eccentric duo, weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY, and their debut mixtape, appropriately titled ‘THE MIXTAPE.’

Hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, this dynamic boyfriend/girlfriend duo is here to break all the rules and redefine what it means to be a genre-bending hard dance act.

From the moment you press play, it becomes abundantly clear that weirdtechnogirlfriend and Paul Le Bay have no interest in conforming to musical norms or taking themselves too seriously. Their irreverent blend of styles, which can only be described as a fusion of Skrillex, electronic dance music, and metal, is as unexpected as it is delightful. It’s like stumbling upon a wild party where the DJ spins an erratic mix of dubstep, headbanging rock anthems, and synth-infused chaos, leaving you exhilarated and slightly bewildered.

The journey of ‘THE MIXTAPE’ is an unpredictable rollercoaster ride through their weird and wonderful minds. With each track, they effortlessly blend their diverse musical backgrounds, creating a sonic landscape that’s equal parts headbanging mosh pit and dance floor frenzy. Whether you’re a fan of heavy guitar riffs or pulsating electronic beats, there’s something here to satisfy your inner musical daredevil.

It’s worth mentioning that Paul Le Bay is no stranger to success in the electronic music world. With a resume boasting over a billion combined streams and collaborations with the likes of Timmy Trumpet, his expertise is the perfect complement to weirdtechnogirlfriend’s fresh perspective. Together, they bring out the best in each other, pushing boundaries and defying expectations at every turn.

We recently sat down with the duo and chatted about their project and development, but at the crux of every solid romantic and creative duo is a thorough game of ‘would you rather’, and WTG & PLB have given us just that with an exclusive insight of the important questions.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY


WTG: Ok let’s start with an easy one – coffee or tea?

PLB: coffee. 8 shots or nothing.

PLB: Intros or outros?

WTG: I love a hectic outro, Kanye’s Runaway is the best outro ever.

WTG: Remixes or Originals?

PLB: Originals. Create, don’t imitate.

PLB: Bottle service or Dancefloor?

WTG: It’s called dance music not booth music so dance floor all the way.

WTG: 2 minute tracks or 12 minute tracks?

PLB: at least 12 minutes. I want to be taken on a journey.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY

PLB: Thumping kicks or fat basslines?

WTG: 100% fat bass lines. The fatter the better.

WTG: TikTok Or Myspace?

PLB: I gotta stay loyal to my homie Tom from MySpace.

PLB: 3am Warehouse Rave or Sunset Beach Party?

WTG: I love all parties but gonna have to say a 3am warehouse with too many lasers.

WTG: Samples or Synths?

PLB: samples or acid there’s no inbetween.

PLB: Would you rather have a friendly pet dinosaur who can drum or a cute puppy who can play the piano?

WTG: dinosaurs don’t exist.

WTG: Would you rather live a lie or acknowledge that dinosaurs never existed?

PLB: I will continue living a lie.

PLB: Would you rather write a classic or a hit?

WTG: Classic – a classic can also be a hit but a hit can’t always be a classic.

WTG: Would you rather communicate only through song lyrics or only be able to speak in riddles?

PLB: I ask but never speak, I’m solved but I’m not weak.

I twist your brain but with no force,

from a wit’s course, what’s my source?

Would you rather have to guide Tiesto through an intricate step-by-step process of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich over the phone, or be stuck explaining to David Guetta how to tie a shoelace for an entire afternoon?

WTG: It would be an honour to help Tiesto with his sandwich.

PLB: I don’t know how to tie shoes and I don’t have time for this. Guetta should buy some crocs.

Listen to the Mixtape here!

Photo Credits: Credit: Brandon Yang and Matt Ruderman