Rejoice, the God Emoji has risen thanks to Silicon

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Is the God Emoji really dead? If you recently updated your iPhone then, like me, you’re probably still mourning the loss of the luminous golden light which once emitted from the holy prayer hands. A sad day for emojis. But, whilst pro high-fivers may be celebrating, one man has boldly stepped forward as our God Emoji saviour. Perhaps birthed from the Californian valley of good and evil technology itself, Silicon has released and christened his debut single none other than God Emoji. Pro prayer hands rejoice!


Heavens be praised, Kody Neilson brings his manic approach to his music with his new venture Silicon’s futuristic debut single God Emoji.

So, who is this Silicon? You might know him better as Auckland wunderkind Kody Nielson. Ruling New Zealand’s experimental rock scene in his Flying Nun band The Mint Chicks, he and fellow band member, and brother, Ruban Nielson were known to be downright batshit crazy. Insane tunes called for insane onstage antics. Swinging from lighting rigs, annihilating guitars and destroying a Big Day Out stage with a chainsaw were all in a day’s work for the Chick bros.

But, once the Chicks split, the brothers decided to wander the lands in search of their own projects. Unleashing his psych rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Ruban explored new sonic territory, and pretty much blew up in the US. Meanwhile, after drumming in his bro’s new band for a while, Kody powered up his own psych-pop project Opossom and rode the waves of free-flowing psychedelia and garage rock for two albums.

Praying for you, Kody has now returned under the guise of his techy moniker Silicon. Signing to Weird World, his debut electro-pop single is also, fittingly, really weird. Robotic and alien like, it’s hard to tell whether this tune is from the far future or just completely out of this world. Either way, the digital disco beat seems to be cloaked in sleeplessness.

A wakeful bass line jolts the electronic vocals to life and we enter a warped nostalgic, futuristic crossed alien sonic territory. Jarring the mainframe with repeated lyrics “Don’t want to go out on a Saturday night”, you imagine you’re listening to someone who has been mindlessly starring at their laptop screen for nights on end. Eccentric 80s synths then bring some party grooves before spinning the beat into an untimely meltdown. Despite possibly being the weirdest tune you would’ve heard so far this year, it’s one you’ll want to play over and over again.

With Silicon’s Personal Computer debut album out later this year, it seems the God Emoji may live on after all.



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