Relive your heartbreak again and again with the gorgeous Yugen

There’s no shortage of great female fronted electronic outfits in Australia. Off the top of my head we have GRRL PALLiltMezkoCatlips – there are some amazing bands out there. If you haven’t plunged head first into these cool, inviting waters yet then at the very least start with fresh faced Melbourne duo Yugen.

Yugen Calgary

Haunting, intimate, heart breaking – and that’s only with two songs under their belt – Melbourne duo Yugen are are set for big things.

Yugen is compirsed of Edwin O’Hara and Abbey Fontaine, two longtime mates who had to put in the hard yards to get their project on two feet. It’s no secret that the life of a muso involves going through some trying conditions, but the Yugen crew definitely had it a little tough; what with O’Hara falling critically ill and Fontaine having her stuff nicked by no good thieves mere months after convening as a band. But let’s not dwell on the shitty stuff, the duo managed to pull together and stay on course, one that is reaping some golden tunes.

At this point I’ll have to say that we didn’t leave the shitty stuff behind in the last paragraph, because lead single Calgary is not all sunshine and puppies. It’s sad. Like Artax in the Swamps of Sadness sad. The big draw here is Fontaine’s vocals. They’re light and sweet, the intimacy created sets the scene for a story of love that is pined for. The vulnerability is palpable as we are faced with a young woman desperate to be reunited with her love. There’s a depth to the vocals, they remain vulnerable whilst maintain a strength that is the mark of her love’s resolve. The music slithers in the background, the synth licks and simple beat propping those gorgeous vocals up in the spotlight. Cue the waterworks.

Not content with making the general populace of Australia curl up in bed in anguish once, Yugen have followed up with Fix. No, the irony of that name should not be lost on anyone. Following the same vein as CalgaryFix continues the mellow vibes with the band building on the solid foundation that is their debut track. Fontaigne’s vocals echo with an icy allure. A little more scant on the narrative than it’s predecessor, Fix is punctuated by brooding synths and flairs of effected vocal samples. The only thing you need to do is light a scented candle and run a warm bath, Yugen will take care of the rest.

With the band recently popping their gig cherry the other week, be sure to keep a keen eye out for more shows and tunes from Yugen.