Revel in the organised chaos of Phantastic Ferniture

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If you’ve ever experienced a musical moment in a brilliantly upholstered chair whilst also surrounding yourself with beautiful flora then Sydney band Phantastic Ferniture should be your next audio outing. Comprising the creative quadrant are Ryan K Brennan (drums), Tom Stephens (bass), Liz Hughes (guitar) and Julia Jacklin (Vocals) and as a cohesive unit it’s only been (impressively) six months.

Phantastic Ferniture

More fat bass equals less sad face as they say, so it’s time to dance your ass off to the organised chaos of Phantastic Ferniture.

We’re pretty sure that no one is a stranger to the late night brain-burning idea of “We should start a band!” but for Phantastic Ferniture it actually worked out, not without a speed bump, “We booked a gig 3 months ahead before we’d written any songs or jammed just to force us to do it” the band recall. “We procrastinated and made excuses and left it to the last minute so the show was pretty terrible, we only had two songs; one which we played twice and a Mariah Carey cover. But people were dancing so we thought it can’t be that bad so we booked another one”.

The collective initially wondered what would happen if you tumble dried The War on Drugs, Warpaint, Silverchair, Bomfunk MCs and Modjo. What emerged from that high-pressure wash is a sound that didn’t shrink in the heat but expanded into the atmosphere mixing summer haze with a rollicking bass heavy attitude. A sound that is alarmingly developed in their track Fuckin’ n’ Rollin, a song that balances a driving bass, ambling guitar, pounding beat and some seriously sultry vocals courtesy of Jacklin to create a soundtrack that would heighten any smoke fuelled haze.

You could put it down to sheer luck or the proper alignment of the cosmic juju that the band has developed this much in such a short period of time but any band that books a gig with no songs must have an underlying, if not slightly maniacal drive to create something, it may have something to do with their producer Ryan Brennan. If that name looks familiar it’s because he happens to be their drummer. Keeping everything in house allows the band the freedom of consistent creative output.

Any band who has the collective cojones to drop a Mariah Carey cover at their first ever gig warrants a moment of your time, a band who in Jacklin’s words believe ,“More fat bass equals less sad face”. And if by the end of Take it Off you haven’t already packed in your daily duties and gone on a blissful daydream then we hope you have fun with that sad face.

Phantastic Ferniture are playing July 9 at The Captain Cook Hotel, be sure to get down!

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