RIP: Segway is officially stopping production of its iconic scooter

RIP: Segway is officially stopping production of its iconic scooter

The controversial, meme-worthy, iconic scooter known as Segway is speeding off into the sunset.

I’m afraid to inform you its production has come to a close.

Image – Paul Blart Mall Cop – Columbia Pictures

After 19 crazy long years, Segway has decided to end all production of its iconic Segway PT scooter from this coming July.

Who coulda seen this *slick* piece of transport get the axe so soon? Most people, probably. I mean, have you actually seen someone rolling on these wheels of late? Didn’t think so. I’m sure most can remember when this thing became public though.

Segway was meant to be the future of travel, with its weight-shift mechanism and smooth design. But clearly, predicting expectations can be a little tricky. While fascinating and futuristic, the Segway quickly shifted into a novelty, comedic item that also raised many safety issues. Hell, Usain Bolt even got hit by one of these things.

Media portrayals of the scooter didn’t help its image much either. Pictured above is the movie Paul Blart Mall Cop. It’s a ridiculous comedy which uses the Segway mainly for cheap laughs. The idea of someone in authority wheelin’ round in one of these things was frankly one of the only good creative decisions from the film. Cult TV show Arrested Development also uses the Segway in a mocking way, by putting oblivious rich boy Gob on top of it.

Unfortunately, the ceasing of production might potentially put 21 employees out of work. But again, unfortunately, the companies’ sales tumbled down to less than 1.5% of its revenue from last year, so this was sort of inevitable. Farewell, sweet scooter.

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