Robyn returns with teaser video Missing U and a special message to her fans

UPDATE: Robyn has now released Missing U. Listen to it below:

Robyn has released a teaser video titled Missing U, with a heart-warming message to her fans about her official return later this year.

The seven-minute video highlights the loyal fanbase that use Robyn’s music to celebrate diversity, self-love, and heartbreak. Hardcore fans couldn’t be more excited for the release of the new single and Robyn herself has highly anticipated her own return to music in 2018.

Swedish pop icon Robyn’s new single, Missing U, will debut August 1, on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show as the ‘hottest record in the world’.

You can hear the story and a quick preview of the new track at the end of her cathartic mini-documentary, highlighting her growth and how much she’s “missed” her fans.

This will be the first glimpse of new music since she first put out her hugely successful album Body Talk in 2010. Prior to now, Robyn has collaborated with artists such as Röyksopp in 2014 with single Do It Again, as well as La Bagatelle Magique’s single Love Is Free, and Mr. Tophat, with whom she collaborated with last year.

In February Robyn mentioned a tour for the upcoming release and that the album would feature ‘softer’ tracks than what she’s put out before.

“The whole process of making this album has been very, very different from anything I’ve done before. I felt very raw when I started making this album.” 

This first track officially drops tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited for our favourite Swedish mother of pop to return.

Via NME.