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RØDE’s new Ambisonic Library of 360° sounds is available for free

RØDE has announced their new Ambisonic Sound Library, a collection of 3D soundscapes recorded on RØDE microphones.

RØDE’s NT-SF1 microphones capture a 360° sound field for immersion and depth and can be edited by users who download the sounds from the library.ambisonic

RØDE has just announced a free Ambisonic Sound Library of immersive sounds and sound effects recorded on their 360° microphones.

The Ambisonic sound library (downloadable here) contains hundreds of high-quality recordings captured on RØDE 360° microphones, which can be edited to create your own immersive soundscapes. RØDE explains:

“Ambisonics is a 360° surround sound format that, unlike conventional stereo and surround sound, records the full directivity information for every soundwave that hits the microphone – including, crucially, height information. Once captured, ambisonic recordings can be manipulated in post-production to create any 360° surround soundscape desirable, making it ideal for immersive audio applications.” 

360° microphones are able to capture audio from every direction, meaning they can also pick up information about what height sounds are coming from. The result is an immersive audio experience which captures greater depth than a conventional stereo mix.

The sounds could be used as high quality, immersive field recordings for your next track (think of FINNEAS‘ production style), or for use in podcasting, installations, or film. Categories of sounds in the library include Ambience, Animals, People, Sound Effects and Vehicles.

More information about the RØDE Ambisonic library can be found here.