Roomrunner – Chrono Trigger

Ozzy Osborne stated recently that “rock is dead” and with the exception of bands like The Black Keys*, it is easy to agree with him. But, once in a while a band like Roomrunner comes along and gives us hope, as they burn softly, a single flame, amongst a generation of mindless pop melodies and over-played chart toppers.


Roomrunner are aggressively charming- as grungy as it gets but so addictive to listen to. May contain traces of distortion- not recommended for sensitive ears.

It didn’t take much but, this Baltimore-bred band has re-kindled my love for 90s grunge with their single Chrono Trigger from their EP, Separate. Salty distortion coats their music, producing a chalky soundscape which pairs a coughing bass with bouncy rhythm guitar. The boys stumble upon jagged shores, their music beaming with and the shiny ego of a pronounced electric guitar, fighting for the centre stage.

Chrono Trigger is evidence of their evolving sound, presenting an ultimate contrast to their 2013 LP, Ideal Cities, a rough, grumbling album with rock embellishments. Controlled but misty, the boys weave together a dynamic energy, so raw that at times you can feel that sticky guy in the audience, showering you with sweat.

The walking melody and cloudy sound liken Roomrunner to a rainy stroll through city streets. A hint of shimmering tambourine appears creating a see-saw sound which contrasts the strong rock beat underpinning the track. Denny Bowden’s echoing vocals drift over the rocky tides, stitching up the frayed ends.

There’s nothing better than being at a buzzing rock concert and swimming in vast seas of adrenalin. Ideally, you can escape the hordes of sweaty teenagers and grimy venues by purchasing Roomrunner’s EP Separate released on October 21st. For the meantime check out their bandcamp and listen to a preview of their colorful teaser track Chrono Trigger. Let the boys show you that rock isn’t dead, just hiding out in the city of Baltimore.

*Have you heard Spookyland yet?