‘Round the Bend’ from Supermodels is an instant Americana pop classic

Melbourne 4-piece, Supermodels have written a no-nonsense upbeat track with snappy hooks, warm guitars and mass appeal.

Up-and-coming Americana/punk outfit supermodels have spent their time crafting a second single that anyone with two ears and a good attitude can enjoy. It’s bright, catchy on the first listen, and showcases the key musical elements that make up the band.

The single is Round the Bend, and it’s a no-brainer add for your indie-pop playlists. Let’s introduce the band members and discuss what makes the track so likeable.


Supermodels are a 4-piece. There’s Callum T Elvins on lead guitar and vocals, Oscar Seargeant covering vocals and rhythm guitar, Fraser Elvins spanning keys, bass, vocals, and Rehn Smith handling the kit.

Smith opens Round The Bend with a bouncy 4/4 rhythm that gives way to an earworm lead guitar lick and a warm rhythm chord structure. It sounds familiar and comforting, like the intro music to your favourite sitcom.


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The chorus widens the atmosphere with its tongue-in-cheek group vocals:

“When you whisper those words, I want to believe you, but girl when you talk like that, nobody understands!”.

It’s light and upbeat, which is what the band was going for.

A half-time bridge catches you by surprise, giving the band a chance to jam out for a little bit and add an extra punch of emotion before a travelling lead guitar lick takes you to the end.

“I was just trying to write the most poppy and catchy song possible. It all came together pretty quickly”, comments Elvins on the songwriting process. The fact that Round The Bend was created swiftly and naturally is proof that Supermodels are only getting started.

Listen to Round The Bend below: