Russian court exiles associates of Alexei Navalny from running for Election

Russian courts ruled out Alexei Navalny from participating in elections, as Putin opposers continue to threaten the President.

Russian Nationalist Alexei Navalny is renowned for his work as an anti-corruption activist and publicly speaking against Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Navalny heads the Russian opposition Foundation for Combating Corruption (FBK), which targets and exposes corruption within the political elite.

alexei navalny russian courts russia corruption putin
Image: Eurasianet

The Russian Courts have recently exiled the organisation and its associates, from appearing on the ballot and running for public office.

In an act that has subsequently silenced Putin’s opposers running for election, the court labelled Navalny and his associates as “extremists”. The court ruled its decision after a 13-hour deliberation.

Navalny’s political efforts have left quite the target on his back for years now. He has been arrested, jailed and even poisoned. To say he is a threat to Putin and his party is an understatement.

However, this move by the Russian Courts presents the frightening realisation of the power that Putin’s party has, particularly over the law.

Recently, Navalny’s daughter, Daria Navalny, accepted the ‘2021 Geneva Summit Moral Courage Aware‘ on behalf of her father.

It marks her first public speech in which she talked about her father’s efforts to create a free Russia and the need to “help and support” political prisoners, activists and those fighting for freedom.

This most recent court ruling will see anyone who has worked, supported and donated to FBK, or even shared their content, at risk of prosecution and lengthy prison sentences.

Essentially, anyone who has a minor affiliation with the FBK now also has targets on their backs.

Navalyny recently spent 5 months in Germany, recovering from “a nerve agent poisoning“, which he blames on the Kremlin. They rejected this accusation along with any affiliation to Putin.

alexei navalny russian courts russia corruption putin threat

Despite the harsh verdict, Navalny, has not let it squander his efforts against Putin’s party. In a statement released on Instagram, he expressed his defiance against the Kremlin:

When corruption is the foundation of the government, fighters against corruption are cast as extremists…We will not abandon our goals and ideas. It’s our country and we don’t have another one.

His lawyers have vowed to appeal the decision, and will attempt to overthrow the Russian government.