S U R V I V E reveal the first taste of the Stranger Things season 2 soundtrack, and man it’s sweet

UPDATE: Invada and Lakeshore have announced that the Stranger Things season 2 soundtrack will be released on cassette, CD and vinyl following its digital release on October 20th.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from U.S synth band S U R V I V E have returned to compose the soundtrack for season two of Stranger Things, and they’ve just revealed the first taste with Walkin’ In Hawkins.

stranger things season 2 soundtrack
Photo: Ashley Park

Listen to the first taste of S U R V I V E members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s soundtrack for season two of Stranger Things.

Dixon and Stein announced that the entire 34-strong soundtrack will be available on October 20th via Lakeshore Records and Invada. Stranger Things itself returns to Netflix on October 27th.

As Rolling Stone note, the duo suggested in a statement that they hoped to balance tradition and innovation in the music for the new season. “In Season 2, we’re introducing new styles of composition, while still revisiting old themes when appropriate.

We’ve created new elements that are necessary to support the story, but still want to remain true to the sound of Season 1.”

Listen to Walkin’ in Hawkins in all its analog synth glory below. Also check out the tracklisting for the entire soundtrack.

Stranger Things season 2 tracklist:

1. “Walkin’ in Hawkins”
2. “Home”
3. “Eulogy”
4. “On the Bus”
5. “Presumptuous”
6. “Eight Fifteen”
7. “The First Lie”
8. “Scars”
9. “I Can Save Them”
10. “Descent Into the Rift”
11. “Chicago”
12. “Looking for a Way Out”
13. “Birth / Rescue”
14. “In the Woods”
15. “Digging”
16. “Symptoms”
17. “Eggo in the Snow”
18. “Soldiers”
19. “Choices”
20. “Never Tell”
21. “She Wants Me to Find Her”
22. “Shouldn’t Have Lied”
23. “It’s a Trap”
24. “Crib”
25. “The Return”
26. “Escape”
27. “We Go Out Tonight”
28. “Connect the Dots”
29. “The Hub”
30. “On Edge”
31. “What Else Did You See?”
32. “Run”
33. “Levitation”
34. “To Be Continued”