Here’s something to fuck with: an online synth which only plays the Stranger Things theme

A nameless genius of the web has created something pretty pointless, but pretty fun too. It’s an online synth which only plays the arpeggiated melody from the Stranger Things theme song.

Why? C’mon, is there ever really a reason?

stranger things theme song synthier things online synth

How much do you love the main synth line from Stranger Things? Now you can listen to it forever, and even fuck with it yourself!

What would we ever do without the far reaches of the internet? Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, some legend with a little too much time on their hands goes and does something like this.

The Stranger Things main theme was an instant classic, and has only grown in popularity since it first blared through speakers plugged into Netflix devices all around the world.

The composers S U R V I V E even earned themselves an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. Dope.

Check out the weird and wonderful ‘Synthier Things’ here.