Get around this bizarro website which turns a human mouth into an online synth

When you think about it, your mouth is kind of like a small, flabby, wet synthesiser. Your voice box is the first oscillator, your tongue is a filter and your lips are a wobbly LFO.

I wasn’t the one to draw this distinction, rather it was forced upon me today when I came across a very, very remote corner of the internet. Introducing the weirdest online synthesiser you’ll ever find: Pink Trombone.

mouth synth synthesiser synthesizer pink trombone

Use an animated mouth in a weird corner of the internet to make some noise today. C’mon, what better did you have to do anyway?

“Sound is generated in the glottis then filtered by the shape of the vocal tract. The voice box controls the pitch and intensity of the initial sound.”

You can open and close the throat and lips, while also being able to change the position of the tongue and how it affects your vocal cavity. Endless fun awaits.

Go on, give it a whirl. Thanks to Aphex Twin for showing us this one.