This guy builds portable DJ decks out of toy turntables

Last September, record lover, master tinkerer, mashup artist Daniel Barassi went into a record store in Burbank, L.A, and loaded up his car with boxes of 45s – twice.

Upon arriving home, he decided to store the boxes in his garage due to lack of space in his house. Fair enough. But this posed a problem. How to dig through his new 45s efficiently when his trusty Technics 1200S was all the way inside?

His solution: build a new one. Out of a disused Fisher-Price battery powered portable turntable no less. Thus the ‘Fishure-Price DJ series’ was born.

Fishure Price

Mashup artist, record lover, master tinkerer Daniel Barassi builds pro-ready portable DJ decks out of Fisher-Price toy turntables.

The project saw Barassi pull apart the toy turntable and make some adjustments to would see it fit for pro use. Upgrades included fitting a Shure M44-7 “DJ” cartridge into the tonearm (hence the name of the project), wiring it for stereo, and adding a pitch control in place of the original volume control.

The result was a beefed up, DJ-ready portable turntable.

The home project also launched an Instagram series #45Friday, where Barassi takes his Fishure-Price portable turntable out on location to visit special guests and ask about a 45 single that they have a special bond with.

Check out the #45Fridays series here. And see the Fishure-Price DJ series turntable in action below and on Instagram.

Read all about the project here.