Salvadarlings are hypnoticlly addictive on their second EP

Gold Coast six piece Salvadarlings have released their newest EP, Soda, which fills every psych-rock void your body could possibly posses. Opening with the track Soda Shark, bearing the angelic vocals of Ash Goodall and enticing changes of pace, you instantly know you’re in for a treat with this one.


The Gold Coast psych pop six piece have created a mysterious and elegant sophomore EP, Soda, combining hypnotic textures with infectious pop hooks

Salvadarlings formed in 2013 as a natural sort of progression, beginning with guitarists Ryley Norris and Joel Van Rooyen combining with Ayden Nicolle on synths then adding roles where desired. This is where the band’s infectious sound started to spread its roots. The six began writing and playing together before easing into the studio. Their journey to recording was anything but rushed, releasing their first EP Primary Feels after more than a year, in May of 2014, which was recorded with George Carpenter at his studio Little Pink on the Gold Coast.

Through recording, promoting and touring Primary Feels, the group had time to mature as a whole, which made for the second time around in the studio to be a more enjoyable experience, no doubt contributing to the out pour of their creativity and individuality in the sound of Soda. The group began recording the second release at a studio in Mermaid Beach, however deadlines contributed to themreturning to Little Pink to finish SodaProduction-wise, the tracking was finished quickly, with the focus more on the mixes, Paul Blakey then came into the equation to master it all.

The band is an eclectic mix of people, each influenced by different muses and experiences which, when combined carefully and not forcefully, create a diverse and cooperative environment for the group to exist within.

Salvadarlings have formed a five-track wonder in Soda, with Beta Swan, the second tune to appear, throwing some serious, hip-swaying groove in your ears. Thomas Jones’ kit and Ayden Nicolle’s synth soar in perfect harmony, effortlessly guiding you through the song. The haunting vocals in the outro allude to an atmosphere in the EP that is yet to have been shown, carried through to the last second with twisting, hypnotic lines from the synth.

The artworks from the band are mostly generated from Goodall’s creativity, combined with ideas from the remaining members surrounding their interests and values that construct an engaging visual. With the Soda artwork, you are introduced to the quirky personality that the band encapsulates; bright colours and loud graphics form an immediate interest and curiosity, encouraging you to find out what the band is about.

Salvadarlings Soda

Soda is filled with jovial, groove-inspiring sounds, yet the last track on the EP brings forward a darker side that has been hinted at in the past four songs. Optic Tea is a great wind-up for Soda with its six minutes of mind-bending psych-rock, encompassing everything the EP has to offer and more. The punchy and lively drum fills from Thomas Jones make the altering paces easy to follow. In conjunction with the bass from Harry Dorrington gliding effortlessly along the way, Optic Tea sums up the group’s latest release with nothing less than style, mystery and elegance.

With a jam-packed schedule for playing live since the get go, you can’t blame the group for taking a short break from shows especially considering we now have this new material to sink our ears in to for the time being. Salvadarlings have come into their own with Soda, establishing a sound that is unique and will no doubt be present when the band decide where they will head next. If you want to do yourself a favour, grab yourself this new release and enjoy the hypnotic and addictive sounds of these home grown legends.