Lose yourself to 'The Beat' on Sammy Boyle's latest single

Lose yourself to ‘The Beat’ on Sammy Boyle’s latest single

Get ready to be put in a trance by Sammy Boyle’s new big room floor-filler The Beat, a track for all dance lovers.

Sammy Boyle has established himself as one Australia’s premier dance acts, after a slew of remixes of acts such as Bombs Away, Dimatik, Stafford Brothers, and Jayceeoh. He’s spent the last year firmly cementing himself as an original artist, honing his production skills while COVID-19 gripped the throat of live music across the world.

His new track The Beat is a show-stopping dance floor anthem, which draws on lots of different dimensions of EDM. It’s foundation is in big room, with elements of psytrance and even heavier styles of house and techno weaved throughout. One thing is for certain, it’ll have you moving like a snake under the spell of the whimsical pan flute.

Sammy Boyle

Boyle’s energetic productions are quickly becoming some of the most notable up-and-coming songs amongst the Australian dance scene, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams. His tracks are full of colour and passion.

The Beat is no different, and puts its message at the forefront of the song. Lose yourself to “The beat, the bass, the drums”; it carries the same positive charge as in all of Sammy’s music. The song is a rollercoaster of builds and has an interesting way of making you feel a rainbow of emotions with only minor changes, such as a melody being played by a different instrument, letting the song metaphorically switch lanes.


Sammy is no stranger to DJ booths across Australia and has found himself playing on coveted stages such as Ministry of Sound and Lucky Thursdays, as well as festivals at Lunar Electric Music Festival and Schoolies Beach Festival. On top of this, Sammy has signed with Soapbox Agency, those responsible for booking artists such as Timmy Trumpet and Darude.

Despite the world chucking on the brakes for live music, it seems to have given Sammy a well-earned rest from his extensive touring schedule playing some of the rowdiest clubs and rooms across Australia. It’s given him the room to take his original tracks to new heights.

The future is most certainly bright for this young Australian producer, as he continues to grow into one of the scene’s most promising acts. Sammy wants you to take a few things away from his music that we can’t argue with; “Chase your dreams, dance like no one’s watching, be happy, and love unconditionally”.


The Beat is out now.