San Cisco are ready to get crowds dancing as they push further into the pop world

San Cisco

Hailing from Fremantle, three-piece indie outfit San Cisco have cemented their place as a staple act in Australia’s music scene.

For more than 10 years, San Cisco have been warming Australia with their sun-soaked indie pop melodies that refuse to leave your head.

The group’s forth, and most recent record, Between You and Me, nailed that brief once again, garnering another bout of critical acclaim and love from fans.

As they prepare for a run of shows in Victoria, we chatted with Josh from San Cisco about consistently dropping tunes that are catchy af, working with The Wiggles, and their exquisite run of merch.

San Cisco

HAPPY: So how was working with The Wiggles on their ReWiggled album?

JOSH: It was fun! We are not super familiar with their music but when they suggested the track Holiday and we got in the studio to have a crack at it, we found that we were able to San Cisco-ify it pretty successfully and it really came together pretty quickly.

HAPPY: It seems like every musician in WA are basically best friends. Is that actually true?

JOSH: Yeah I would say it is a pretty close knit community, especially in Fremantle there are a few pubs and bars where we all seem to congregate to. A couple of the Spacey boys live around the corner from us and when we are both in town it is usually implied that we are having beers on Friday.

HAPPY: What’s it like to be part of such an interconnected music scene?

JOSH: It is super inspiring, always seeing what other bands are up to and how they are doing it. Keeps us on our toes.

HAPPY: You’ve all known each other for a really long time. What’s it been like to watch each other grow as musicians and songwriters during that time?

JOSH: I feel like it is getting better with age, having spent so much time together as friends and collaborators, we are all very much on the same page with what we want to do with our music and where we would like it to take us. Even watching each other grow as people across the many facets of our lives is a wild, fun, exciting ride.

San Cisco 2022

HAPPY: You’re pretty much masters of making catchy tunes. How do you manage to write so many earworms?

JOSH: It is honestly what comes naturally to us. We have always been interested in the elements of music that appeal to a wider audience and the nature of pop music. It is also usually the kind of music we listen to ourselves.

HAPPY: All your albums have a trademark sound but each of them kind of plays around with different sub genres. Are there any sounds you’re keen to experiment with in the future?

JOSH: I think the our last album, Between You And Me was our more relaxed, less up beat driven record but i think moving forward with the next one we are keen to push it further into the pop world and get the crowds dancing.

HAPPY: I also wanted to ask about your merch because it’s always stunning. Are any of you super into fashion?

JOSH: Yeah in recent years we have paid particular attention to our merch ranges and have pushed them extra hard. We all love getting creative with it and taking it beyond your average band tee into something that can be worn outside of a music venue and possibly something that might get a look in the fashion world.

HAPPY: The ‘San Cisco Sports’ merch was so fun. Where did the idea come from to release a sports line?

JOSH: I guess it is another attempt at diversifying our audience as well as adding another element to the image of the band. Using our merch and modelling it in our own homes as a kind of fashion editorial to showcase who we are and the stuff we are into.

San Cisco are gearing up to play a few shows on the east coast starting with Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie next weekend, before playing shows around Victoria, kicking off with the Torquay Hotel on the 10th of June, Westernport Hotel in San Remo on the 11th, then finishing with two shows at the Forum theatre in Melbourne on the 12th.

You can grab tickets for Festival of the Sun from the festival’s website, or tickets for the Victorian shows from sancisco.com.

Listen to more from San Cisco below.

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Interview by Lochie Schuster