PREMIERE: A sexy standoff like no other, Alex Watts’ video for Hopeful delivers 50’s charm in spades.

Back to the future has never felt truer. Alex Watts is throwing convention in the air with a smooth as aged bourbon, quickstep combination and picture perfect poodle skirts galore.


There’s a good chance Alex Watts looks better in a dress than most supermodels, and brings irresistible catchy tunes to match in his music video for Hopeful

There is so much to love about Watts’ new track from the simplistic opening in which three young handsome men watch as a pretty girl struts away, leaving Alex clearly in strife about the state of his heart. Hopeful is the most apt name possible for this new venture for Watts; the video captures perfectly the puppy love that he just can’t seem to grasp.

With his back up dancers loyally persuading the video, the clip is not without skilful grace and well-articulated costume choices. Since my very first Grease themed all girls sleepover in 2001 I could never decide whether I loved the tight pants and slick comb overs or the sex bomb girls more. Now this video has graced my inbox I no longer have to choose.

Hopeful locks in some sweet soulful jazz with really crisp hooks to keep it relevant, creating the perfect combination of nostalgia and street styling. The spacing and choreography of each scene leaves nothing more to be desired, the story plays out smoothly as Watt’s and his rat pack pulsate their hips in the most classy manner, clearly following the heart beat of the long lost girl from our opening scene. But never fear, our guys are clever and swiftly decide: if you can’t beat them join them. Soon, the scene morphs into something so sugar sweet it will melt in your mouth.

You’ll never hear me say ‘too much pink’, and Watts obviously feels my vibe because the old school glamour and sultry gaze of the minxes that help wrap up this video are everything I wanted and more. Throwing around social and gender norms; Watts plays this story out perfectly, balancing serious characters with playful themes and costuming. Nothing says sass like a girl in kitten heels, bouncy curls and a suave gent on her arm, and somehow Alex Watts’ new video for Hopeful captures all three.

It’s Grease lightening for the inner city; liberated and pumping with attitude, this new video has brought some serious funky beats to the table and is going to send people running for either for a slicked up comb or some patent midi heels… or both because Watts has made it clear that both look sexy as fuck on anyone!

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