SATSUKI’s new single is a brilliant fusion of pop and shoe-gaze

The latest single from SATSUKI is a dreamy, pop-drenched ode to having someone to rely on.

Sister Song floats through a touching cloud of recollection and searching, before a shoe-gaze climax pops the bubble.

SATSUKISATSUKI’s endearing songwriting is elevated by her pop aesthetic and ability to reach beyond her sonic world, drawing in Japanese and Western influences.

SATSUKI picked up the guitar at 15 and started writings songs; mostly about young love, loss of friendship, and being burdened with high school problems. Her style hasn’t strayed far since then with her writing always focussed on relationships, intimacy and honesty – sometimes a little too much honesty. Inspired by punk lyrics and pop-rock melodies, SATSUKI tries to make sense of her experiences at the time, resulting in a neatly wrapped package of emotions.

Her last track, Roseville Girls, was a raw collection of pop, punk and rock, combining blistering guitars with hard-hitting vocals. Sister Song is something wholly different and flaunts SATSUKI’s ability to confidently shift between genre’s as she sees fit.

“Sister Song is unsurprisingly, a song about my sister. Storytelling isn’t something I usually lean towards when I’m writing a song but it seemed like that was the only way to express what I was feeling. My sister had moved to Japan after ending an eight year relationship and I was struggling with accepting an unrequited love as well as wondering if this music thing was going to all work out,” explains SATSUKI.


“We were lost in our own ways but I never doubted our strong bond and being able to rely on her, whether it be advice or just for some laughs. It’s an emotional track full of frustration and disappointment but ultimately it’s about the friendship between my sister and I.”

Deftly combining elements of shoegaze and ambient with a clean, electro pop coating. The whole track bubbles and boils before culminating in an explosion of all out drive, making the track undeniably unique.

Keep at close eye on SATSUKI with future releases to come. We are expecting big things!