Dalli’s latest single Blood reflects on the struggles of unconditional love

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Dalli (real name Leigh Dallimore) has released his second single of 2019, Blood, an emotionally charged song with rolling melody lines and a nuanced simplicity.

It’s introspective and brooding nature reflects the musician’s ability to turn life experiences into meaningful soundscapes.

Dalli’s latest single Blood is a heartfelt and introspective song with flourishing melodic lines and honest lyrics, once again showcasing his brilliance.

The song follows on from his 2017 single Who Are You and his more recent track Taken By The Sky, an uplifting and sparkling track that solidified the foundations of Dalli’s unique and infectious sound.

Blood features dramatic chords, subtle guitar melodies and kinetic beats which propel the song into a raw and honest space.

Dallimore flaunts his impeccable vocal range and his songwriting abilities on the track, with honest lyrics such as “You’re so far from the place that we call home/ Is my love a statue in a garden overgrown” and an outro featuring the perpetual words “Forget everything between us”.

Speaking about the song, Dalli shared:

“This song was taken many forms over the years and it feels so good to finally be releasing it. ‘Blood’ is about sticking by someone even when everyone else has cut ties and closed the door on them. It’s about forgiving and moving forward – experiencing the struggles of unconditional love.”

We can’t wait to hear more music from Dalli, and judging by his current discography, we won’t be disappointed.