Happy listening: the 5 best new releases of the week

The weekend is within reach and this week has been a big one for new music! So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy our latest instalment of Happy Listening.

From Central Coast rockers Soy to Ainslie Will’s new album, to heavenly trio Seeker Lover Keeper’s reunion, we’ve got you sorted.

Sit back, relax, and put your headphones on, Happy Listening brings together the best new releases of the week that was. Trust, us, it was a good one.

Ainslie Wills – All You Have Is All You Need

Melbourne singer-songwriter Ainslie Wills has made a memorable comeback with her latest album All You Have Is All You Need.

With her infectious melody lines, vocals that possess a certain grit and stamina alongside profound lyricism, Wills has the ability to convey multiple emotions and create meaningful connections with her audience instantaneously.

Soy – Severed Tale

Central Coast rockers Soy have released their first single of 2019 Severed Tale and it’s definitely a head-banger.

With nasally vocals, complicated instrumentation, intertwining guitar lines and cheeky lyrics, the song is an exciting taste of what’s next for the four-piece.

Obscura Hail – Swear Jar

Melbourne band Obscura Hail have released their single Swear Jar, an intimate and truthful song featuring smooth acoustic guitar picking, varying vocal tones, a pulsating beat and Sean Conran’s iconic vocals.

“‘Swear Jar’ is an optimistic tune about the dumb stuff we fight about in the heat of the moment, and having the patience to find out what the other person really means without judging them on the language they used initially, on the premise that hindsight is the mother of foresight. “

Mallrat – Charlie

Brisbane native Mallrat has released a  heartwarming new single entitled Charlie, a song inspired by her family’s dog Charlie, who also features in the nostalgic and dreamy music video.

The candid and emotive song is the lead single off her upcoming EP Driving Music, and it focuses on unconditional love.

Seeker Lover Keeper – Wild Seeds

Power trio Seeker Lover Keeper have released their latest single Wild Seeds, 8 years on from their debut self-titled album back in 2011.

Members Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsbyhave reunited to co-write the album, a mystifying collection of songs with call and response vocals, intertwining melody lines and lyrics that intimately capture varying life experiences.