Dalli’s latest single Taken By The Sky is an uplifting experimental pop creation

Brisbane born, Melbourne based songwriter Dalli (real name Leigh Dallimore) is back with a new single Taken By The Sky. It’s as uplifting, heartfelt and cinematic as ever.

With a kinetic and sparkling energy, the track is his third single to be released, following Down This Road and Who Are You. Again, we’re seriously impressed.

Dalli is back with a new single Taken By The Sky, a cinematic and heartfelt song that makes you feel and want to take on the world all at once.

With exquisite vocals that refuse to waver combined with thoughtful electronic production weaved in throughout, the song is a deep exploration of the importance of formative years and the complexity of the human condition.

Speaking about the track, Dallimore shared:

“Sometimes I look back on all the bad decisions I’ve made and feel like the only person in the world. There’s a strange sense of belonging in embracing these very human moments when you realise we all feel them at one point along the way.”

“Let it fade away, taken by the sky” is having this realisation and changing something lonely and heavy into something lighter, something that brings us all closer together. There is a weightlessness to it.”

Dallimore flaunts an indie electro-pop sound similar to the likes of Jarryd James, Ruel and LANKS,playing with experimental production, instrumentation and nuanced vocal melodies. His video for Taken By The Sky makes you want to take a breath, look at the bigger picture and accept the situation you’re in.

Although it’s relatively early days for Dalli, we can’t wait to see what he does next. His sound is authentic, soul igniting and cinematic; a testament to his songwriting and musical flair.


Taken By The Sky is out now.