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SCiZZORMAN will take you to completely new places on SCHiZoPHoNiC

Walking into SCiZZORMAN’s new album SCHiZoPHoNiC is a strange experience. As you dive deeper into its warped sounds, the album morphs and grows into things you wouldn’t expect.

By its conclusion, you’re left feeling mesmerised, disorientated, and certain that this album is one of the most endearing and oddly spectacular records you’ve listened to in a long time.

Listening to SCHiZoPHoNiC, the new album from Western Australian songwriter SCiZZORMAN, feels like embarking on a bizarre journey that you’ll never want to end.

The brain-child of Perth based drummer and songwriter, Terry J Vinci, SCiZZORMAN fuses together elements of funk, prog-rock, pop, and psychedelia to produce a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

With a quirky eccentricity that could match Frank Zappa’s, SCiZZORMAN struts through bizarre instrumental arrangements and vocal melodies to deliver a series of songs that’ll nest themselves deep into your skin.

On the album’s opening track, 21st Century Clan, you’ll instantly be roped into a deeply infectious bass line and captivatingly unconventional lyricism.

The album then launches into the sprawling and atmospheric Souls Of The Past – a woozy slice of psychedelia that’ll leave you not knowing which way is up.

By the time SCHiZoPHoNiC  lands on the instrumental closer Generation Wrap, you’ll feel as though you’ve been on an epic journey. And well, you kind of have.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.


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July 2, 2018