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sE Electronics NEOM USB: Don’t Wait to Create

Here’s a microphone that makes sure recording your best ideas is easy and fun.

Let’s be honest, who isn’t a content creator these days. You’re a musician; you’re a content creator, you’re a podcaster; content creator, a YouTuber; you’re a content creator (but you probably already knew that).

The market for microphones for content creators is starting to get a little out of control, and it’s become increasingly difficult to find a mic option that’s right for you. 

sE Electronics USB Mic

Say hello to your new best friend; the sE NEOM USB microphone. This mic looks to address all of your needs as a content creator and make your life as easy as possible whilst doing so.

The NEOM USB is a cardioid condenser microphone that can record up to 192 kHz at 24 bits through its USB C connection. It features three little front facing pots that control mic gain (which goes up 1 louder than 10), mic level and playback level. The sE logo also doubles as a button to mute the signal.

Being a condenser mic, if you’re a podcaster tight for cash, or just wanting to get into it but not sure you wanna go all in on the spend you could even get away with having just 1 NEOM between 2 presenters and you’ll still get that profesh sound for your budget.

Having both a playback level and mic level control is super handy if you’re, say, a gaming streamer who needs to comfortably mix the volume of the computer’s audio output with the volume of your voiceover in your headphones.

NEOM Microphone

I definitely recommend getting your hands on a pop filter if you’re looking into the NEOM USB for vocals, the plosives can get a bit aggressive. Fortunately sE has made this mic compatible with their isolation pack for just this reason.

As a muso, I’ll definitely be keeping this on hand to lay down any quick ideas I might have on the road, not having to travel with an audio interface and a bunch of XLR cables is a blessing.

I would have loved to see a little carry case included to keep the mic safe during my travels, fortunately I have plenty of little mic bags and given the small form factor of the NEOM USB, I’ll definitely find a bag to fit.

sE Gaming Microphone

The NEOM USB will run you back around 300 AUD and is available from your favourite music gear store. Find out more at sE Electronics.