The RØDE Wireless PRO: A Big Helping Hand for the Next Small Creators

RØDE’s newest offering keeps in step with their ethos to be the best friends of the next generation of creators.

The RØDE Wireless PRO is the successor to the Wireless GO II and the RØDE ME which both proved to be huge hits with budding content creators.

The Wireless PRO aims to combine the best features of the GO II and the ME to meet the needs of an exploding creative scene. RØDE continue to situate themselves in a position to provide these creators with high quality, affordable options in all fields of professional audio.


If you haven’t heard of RØDE (oh boy have you been missing out) their products are designed and manufactured just around the corner from us in Sydney.

Backed by a long history of audio excellence and the innovations of digital wireless technology, the Wireless PRO is the next step in cementing RØDE as ‘THE CHOICE OF TODAY’S CREATIVE GENERATION™.’

The first thing that hits me when I open up any RØDE product is how much thought goes into every detail of the unit. The Wireless PRO is no exception.

Opening the box you’re met with two small, handsome carry cases and on further inspection the case which holds the units themselves is also fitted with a USB-C port which allows for charging of the units and for passing your recordings to RØDE’s companion app ‘RØDE Central’ which is available both on desktop and mobile.


The other case nicely organises all of the necessary peripherals, which now include a set of kevlar cabled lavalier mics. It’s awesome to see this inclusion from RØDE after users commented that this would have been a nice addition to previous models.

RØDE have kindly done some of the nerdy stuff for us too by including auto gain features and 32-bit float on-board recording so we can get on with capturing our precious audio stress free and assured our audio stays clear and safe from clipping. 

From my testing they’ve done a really great job. We tried our best to get the mic to blow out and to see how quickly it would react to sudden noises and I really struggled to get it to fault.

In regular use we can hardly imagine pushing it hard enough for clipping to be something to worry about. Even if you somehow manage to max it out, they’ve got you covered with a safety channel that records a signal 10dB lower so you’re all sorted.


Working with a camera has been a key consideration for RØDE. The receiver module allows for audio to be passed directly to your camera via the provided 3.5mm cable or via USB-C.

Camera presets can be organised on RØDE’s companion app ‘RØDE Central’ which is available both on desktop and mobile. They’ve also included a really handy Timecode feature which uses SMPTE with LTC encoding to make syncing your audio and video a breeze.

Our head of video liked it so much he can’t wait to get his hands on one of these units himself.

I gave the Wireless PRO a run in Studio A to record some voiceover. I was impressed with the consistency between the microphone onboard the unit and the lavalier, I’d dare to say you might get a little more low mids from the onboard microphone but with a touch of EQ your audience is never going to notice. 

The furry windshields do a great job of keeping the mic from blowing out and don’t do a whole lot to affect the audio you’re capturing either, you might lose some low mids (but it could be argued that helps to make your voice more intelligible anyway). 

rode wireless

The RØDE Central app is also a bit of a star of the show here. The app provides you with numerous ways to slide the Wireless Pro II right into your workflow including customising the buttons on your units, splitting or merging your signals and nicely organising any audio that you have recorded on site.

Offloading this recorded audio using the app is also a breeze and I think content creators who don’t want to do a deep technical dive on the loudness standards of platforms will find the ability to export audio at a set LUFS to be a huge helping hand.

The Wireless PRO will run you 699 AUD and all RØDE products are covered by a one year warranty.

If you’re looking for the perfect bang for your buck solution to your voice recording needs – whether that be discrete recordings, mobile recordings or to up your audio game on your video recordings – find out more about the RØDE Wireless PRO over on their website: https://rode.com/en/microphones/wireless/wirelesspro