RØDE unveils all in one Vlogger Kit for all your mobile video making needs

Meet the Vlogger Kit: RØDE’s essential package for vloggers featuring a shotgun mic, handgrip and tripod with a mini LED light.

Never before has Shia Lebouf’s iconic sentiment of “just do it” felt so relevant. Thanks to the gang at RØDE, you can buy all of your video making necessities in one bundle to create high-end video content The new Vlogger Kit will help you get out there and, well, just do it.

The package includes a RØDE VideoMic. This a miniature shotgun microphone used predominantly in filmmaking to pick up direct sound from a subject. You can attach this directly to your phone, tablet or camera device. The mic also comes with Rycote WS9 windshield for cleaner audio when you’re recording in the elements.


For static camera work, the Vlogger Kit comes equipped with a RØDE Tripod 2 and a SmartGrip for handheld filming. A MicroLED set can be fixed on the camera so your subject will always have a source of light. The lighting set contains an LED lamp with a clip-on diffuser and a selection of colour filters to play with.

The Vlogger Kit comes in three different versions. Connect your kit via Lightning and USB-C input on the iOS and Android editions. Both of these setups come with a lightweight metal mount that clips around your smartphone, allowing you to connect all the accessories.

The Universal edition features the standard 3.5mm jack plug for the VideoMic. This configuration uses a DCS-1 dual-accessory mount to the smartphone clip as well as a Rycote Lyre shockmount.

Head over to the RØDE website for more details.