Kim Jong-un reportedly executes North Korean official for breaking COVID-19 restrictions

Kim Jong-un’s paranoia reaches unprecedented heights after an official was executed for breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is making headlines once again for his totalitarian practices after a South Korean spy revealed to lawmakers an execution that took place of an official who broke COVID-19 provisions. The official in question was killed after he received goods from abroad.

This is just one of the many excessive measures implemented by the North Korean dictator in order to protect the nation from coronavirus. According to a South Korean spy, the government has also banned fishing at sea to prevent seawater from becoming infected with the virus and locked down Pyongyang (capital of North Korea) after unauthorised imports were found.

North Korea Covid
Image: An apartment block in Pyongyang. Wong Maye-E (Associated Press)

The National Intelligence Service revealed that the government even executed a “high profile money changer”, holding him responsible for the fallen exchange rate. The names of both victims who were executed have not been revealed.

The real cause of North Korea’s financial crisis is Kim Jong-un’s paranoia of contracting coronavirus, causing him to seal the border to China (North Korea’s largest trading partner) in January and refusing to accept 110,000 tons of desperately needed rice aid. Along with a plethora of natural disasters over the summer, North Korea has taken a massive hit to its economy, with the price of sugar shooting up four times.

According to the South Korean Intelligence Service, Kim has displayed “excessive anger and taking irrational measures”. The spy agency even accused North Korea of attempting to hack into a South Korean pharmaceutical company who were trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

It’s not surprising that North Korea is resorting to these acts of desperation. Whilst the country continues to maintain that there have been no coronavirus cases on its soil, a potential outbreak would be catastrophic for the nation due to its deteriorated health care system and lack of medical supplies.

One this is for sure: I bet Gladys Berejiklian is relived she was caught breaking COVID-19 isolation guidelines in good old Australia instead of North Korea – Kim Jong Un would not have been as forgiving.