Bronte Eve bares her soul on her new single ‘Mess I Made’

It’s always spellbinding to see artists bare their souls through their music. On her latest single, Bronte Eve casts a spell of major proportions.

There are some songs that just capture you from the word go. They don’t have to overcompensate with flashy production or excessive reworking, but they, instead, hold power in their rawness. Bronte Eve’s latest single fits right into the category.

Mess I Made is a sweeping, ethereal ballad that unfurls with such honesty that you can see your own past in Eve’s words, even if you haven’t lived through the same experience as her.

bronte eve

Since her 2017 debut, Eve has been releasing songs that capture her heart and soul. Mess I Made is certainly no exception. Opening with just the artist’s lightly reverb-washed vocals and a dreamy bass line, the track slowly builds itself towards completion, slowly layering itself with different elements and tones.

Eve’s vocals act as an instrument on their own, driving the track while giving it variety and texture throughout. Layers of harmony, guitar, and strings are then sprinkled overtop to emphasise the otherworldly nature of her voice and rawness of her lyricism.


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“My brother and I recorded Mess I Made out of our garage with pillows and pencils as soundproofing and metronomes,” the artist explains. “Mess I Made is as raw and gritty as it was created, I had to face the mistakes I made and deal with the humility of accountability, it’s about being human and owning it.”

Prepare yourselves and dive into this stunning release below: