Bringing back the classics: Sega announce iOS and Android ports for classic Genesis and Dreamcast games

Sega’s back catalogue is up there with Nintendo’s as a best-of-the-best frontrunner. One of the very first companies to throw serious weight into the console business, they helped write the rulebook for platformers, RPGs and racing games for years to come.

A massive fallback of these classic games (from any publisher) is how inaccessible they are to modern gamers, especially those who never experienced their glory at the time. Today Sega announced a huge play into the contemporary market, bringing their Sega Forever project to the mobile world.

sonic the hedgehog sega forever

Experience the 8-bit magic of the Genesis and Dreamcast libraries on your phone with the upcoming Sega Forever series.

Beginning on June 22, the apps will offer iOS and Android users games every two weeks, the first five being Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, and Kid Chameleon.

Depending on how advertising sits in your gut, one possible drawback of the app will be the option to remove ads with an easy $2 per game. Otherwise, the titles will come completely free.

On the ongoing development of this rad project, the company said the following in a statement:

“As the Sega Forever collection expands through months and years, it will include games that span all Sega console eras, each adapted specifically for mobile devices while remaining faithful to the original games,”

Via Digital Trends.

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