Sega has announced ‘Fog Gaming’, an alternative to streaming

In spite of the global pandemic (and in some cases, because of it), 2020 has undoubtedly been a pivotal year in gaming. Some epic releases, the next generation of major consoles and more.

Sega, a giant of hardware and software development is celebrating their 60th anniversary and clamouring for their corner of the limelight too. In recent days, the announcement of the Game Gear Micro caught our attention, but the news of ‘Fog Gaming’ has ramifications for the whole industry. Fog Gaming

Sega has been left behind in console development since their glory days in the ’80s and ’90s. The potential of ‘Fog Gaming’, however, could have repercussions for the whole industry.

But what is ‘Fog Gaming’?

Details are thin on the ground at the moment (aside from this report), but in theory, the platform would rely upon the arcade infrastructure that Sega has amassed over the decades (while they’re not in the console business anymore, they are giants in the Japanese arcade industry).

Essentially, the arcades will operate as server farms, with games streaming from their CPUs while not in business hours use.

At this stage, we’re still in concept territory but it does point to the fact that companies aside from Microsoft and Sony are still trying to stake a claim in the ever-expanding industry. And instead of building hardware, they’re attempting to co-opt the already existing infrastructure of the internet to get a piece of the pie.