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Self-taught, educated, or somewhere in between: what’s the best path for an artist?

Dani Hansen JMC Academy

For as long as artists have been practicing, creating, and sharing their music, there’s been a question nobody has really been able to answer; should you just pick up the guitar, or seek out a proper education? Even beyond the theory, there’s the business side to modern music any artist would be a fool to ignore.

There’s undoubtedly something to be said for natural talent and feeling out an instrument in a familiar setting, but what happens when it’s time to book your first show? When you’re looking for a manager? When you need a friend in the industry for advice? When you need to post your music to Spotify?

Your best bet is calling in favours from both sides of the argument.

Dani Hansen JMC Academy

Photo: Dani Hansen

When should an artist knuckle down and learn their theory? Staying self-taught is romantic enough, but you should never shun an education when it comes to your art.

Building upon a strong self-taught foundation is something that can take your creative career to the next level, whether you’re a musician, visual artist, or virtually anyone else in the creative industries.

There are a ton of resources online when it comes to music theory, learning production, or the ins-and-outs of songwriting, but never forget there are professional organisations with years of education experience, industry tutors, and incredible facilities on offer.

Offering courses in Audio Engineering and Sound Production, Songwriting, Contemporary Music and Performance, and more, JMC Academy is the first port of call for a ton of musicians, engineers, and songwriters getting their chops up in Aussie music.

If you’re interested in hearing what they have on offer, JMC Academy are currently accepting applications for their February, June and September intakes in 2018. They’re FEE-HELP approved, and they offer study abroad options for those of you with itchy feet.

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August 1, 2018