PREMIERE: Chymes’ new single Wild is drenched with glassy, hypnotic pop hooks

Made up of acoustic singer/songwriter Kiersten Nyman and electronic-based producer Cameron Taylor, Sydney duo Chymes ooze out an irresistible blend of haunting vocals and glassy beats.

With an impressive string of singles already under their belt, the band’s latest single Wild only furthers their incredible penchant for crafting delicate and dreamy pop songs.

Haunting, seductive, and completely captivating; You’ll be unable to take your attention away from Sydney duo Chymes’ new single Wild.

On the new track, Nyman and Taylor glide through airy vocal melodies and sharp, minimalistic production to deliver a rich soundscape that feels simultaneously calm and energetic.

Written and recorded at Taylor’s hidden home studio, nestled among the trees and looking out upon South Pacific Ocean, the group’s music adopt the tranquil vibes of their physical surrounding.

The song is hallucinatory, seductive and captivating, with Nyman’s vocals sounding as if though they’re being whispered over your shoulder.

For the song’s punchy three-minute duration, we guarantee you’ll be unable to take your attention away from Chymes’ effortlessly cool brand of electro-pop.

Wild is the follow-up to the group’s most recent single Dreaming, and here’s hoping we won’t have to wait much longer for more tunes from this Sydney duo.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.