Selfie shows Jack Black and Jack White together at last

Jack Black and Jack White are two iconic musicians whose work, subconsciously or consciously, is burned into the brains of music fans everywhere.

So when Black’s comedy rock project (with Kyle Gass) Tenacious D posted to their Instagram page a photo with a “new merch guy”, we knew it was the match made in heaven we’d been waiting for. With a classic dad selfie, the three guys visibly seem as stoked as us.

Jack Black and Jack White have officially met. Finally we can make peace with it all.

This was not the first time White and Black have met, instead, the pair met at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2006 where the infamous ‘Jack Grey’ joke was birthed, although there was no photographic evidence of the meeting.

Taking place at London’s Heathrow Airport, the photo was caught whilst both Tenacious D and Jack White’s band The Saboteurs were on tour in the country.