SG Lewis has gifted fans two new singles in one day

London-based singer-songwriter and producer, SG Lewis has returned with two new singles, Missing You and Something About Your Love.

SG Lewis’ double single follows his debut record times and boy oh, what a follow-up!

If Friday has got you in the mood for something like The Cure meets Daft Punk, SG Lewis has you covered cause he is bringing all the vibes.

SG Lewis

Both of these tracks will get your blood pumping but in totally different ways. While SG Lewis has chucked his contemporary flair onto it, the two songs are heavily 70s and 80s inspired with a bucket load of synth, funk-infected bass lines and disco groove.

Speaking on the first track of the two, Missing You, SG Lewis has said: “Conceptually, it felt like the perfect introduction. It’s a story about temptation and dwindling fear. Your eyes are wandering.”

The multifaceted artist’s vocals are simple and spot-on in this track. While it’s quite musically driven, the lyrical content and narrative cannot go unnoticed.

SG Lewis explains that the much more 70s of the two, Something About Your Love is almost a straight-up tribute: “It’s no secret I’m a massive Daft Punk fan. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever made to a tribute to them. I was listening to ‘Discovery’ a lot, and there’s a specific technique to it. 

“I chopped up the sample of these seventies keys and drums. It came together easily. Lyrically, it’s a pure confession of admiration for someone. It’s the perfect contrast to ‘Missing You’.” 

This impressive release is perfectly timed ahead of the weekend because there’s no better time to get grooving and now, there are no better tracks to groove to!


Missing You and Something About Your Love are out now, stream or buy the tracks here.