SG Lewis, Robyn, and Channel Tres form the collab of your dreams on ‘Impact’

SG Lewis has been a rising name for a hot minute now, entering into high-powered collabs with the likes of Dave, Clairo, Ruel, and too many others to name. According to Pharrel, he’s a “white boy with soul.” But this new venture could take the cake.

Impact is the new single from SG’s yet to be announced debut album, following Chemicals which landed back in April. Featuring Channel Tres and Robyn, the team-up is absolutely legendary, and the single is a jam to match. It’s hardly a surprise the producer himself called it “possibly my favourite record I’ve ever been a part of.”

sg lewis impact robyn channel tres

A trifecta of dance music visionaries: SG Lewis has enlisted Robyn and Channel Tres for his intoxicating new number Impact.

Impact drops straight into the sweet spot and stays there for nearly five minutes. Channel Tres’ verses create a steady, rhythmic yin to Robyn’s yang, while the Swedish icon brings the total exhilaration she’s become known for to the track’s chorus.

The anatomy of an SG Lewis track has never been strictly defined; the producer hopping between elements of classic house, euphoric pop, and electronica while deftly conforming to the character of his collaborators’ vocals. On Impact his nimble approach to music making is on full display, each section of the track harnessing the full power of each vocalist.

A pulsing bassline sits under Tres’ verses, replaced by joyous chords and a trance-ish arpeggiator when Robyn takes the stage. The light and shade brings a swirling, driven sensation to the track as a whole, each half working to make its complementary sections stronger.

Speaking about Robyn and Channel Tres’ harmony on a track together, SG Lewis shared:

“The chemistry between Channel and Robyn is so powerful, and creates something so unique. Channel is an artist I believe will go on to create a musical legacy as important as the one Robyn has already created, and to have the two of them on this record together is insane.”

It was an excitement Robyn shared, who had some very kind things to say about each of the other artists involved.

“Sam made this instant thing, i’s a special skill to make a song that hits you right away the way Impact does. The track just gave me the feels and it wasn’t hard to write a chorus to it, especially with Channels vocals on there already.” 

SG Lewis is on track for a debut album coming later this year, with two singles out so far but no concrete date or details as yet announced. It’ll be the artist’s first extended project since Dusk/Dark/Dawn, a three-part concept album transcribing a night out into blissful beats.


Impact is out now via PMR / Caroline Australia. Stream or purchase your copy here.