Shamir – Northtown

They say that everybody is born with a gift, and while I’m still trying to figure out exactly what mine is (pls help D:), I can tell you that Shamir Bailey’s is most certainly his out-of-this world voice. Possessing the rare tonal quality that blurs all lines between femininity and masculinity (think Sam Smith), Shamir describes himself as being a ‘countertenor’ – a male who essentially has the vocal range of a female mezzosoprano.


Shamir is gifted with a voice that embodies the qualities we love about male and female vocals- what an incredible range. Dream big Shamir.

The bottom line here? Shamir Bailey has some serious pipes and has thankfully decided to share them with the world. While this ability is already a pretty unique feat in itself, Shamir at only 19 has just released his debut EP entitled Northtown as an homage to the neighbourhood in which he grew up.

Shamir’s musical influences are just about as diverse as the range of his voice. Coming from humble folk and country beginnings, Shamir has also fronted a punk-band and grew up listening to the likes of Outkast, Janis Joplin and pretty much everybody in between. The Northtown EP is loaded with 5 little gems that establish Shamir as an artist whose voice is versatile enough to suit dance-floor anthems and folk tunes alike, which will no doubt leave you unable to decide which track you love the most.

While If It Wasn’t True oozes of funk and undeniable cool, I Know It’s A Good Thing showcases a softer and more vulnerable side to Shamir’s voice above the stomping piano bass line. Skipping to track three and Sometimes A Man is reminiscent of 70’s disco, 80’s house, and 90’s rave all in one. The remainder of the Northtown EP features a cover of Lindi Ortega’s Lived and Died Alone and another stripped back original by Shamir that allows for the listener to be swept away in the stories he tells through the soulfully rich melodies. Seriously, what’s not to love about Northtown?

Whoever you are, whatever you’re into, there is something for everybody on the Northtown EP so do yourself a favour and introduce your ears to the crazily talented Shamir Bailey before everybody else does. Enjoy, Happy people.